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Learn to Swim

We aim to offer all children the opportunity to learn to swim at their own pace in a happy friendly environment and to provide a relaxed introduction to competitive swimming for those children who are interested.
You can learn more from the section below and also view, print and download documents from our Learn to Swim Co-ordinator.


The National Teaching Plan for Teaching Swimming

Our popular Learn-to-Swim programme follows the key elements of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NTP) and incorporates our own Learn-to-Swim award scheme. We teach all of the main four swimming strokes as well as the development of key-skills, and improving water confidence.

Penguin 1 NTP Stage 1 - This class provides an introduction to the water for non-swimmers. The aim is to build water confidence and introduce the basic skills required for swimming. Children learn to swim on their front and back using flotation aids and begin to swim independently. Children must be aged 5 years or over.

Penguin 2 NTP Stage 2 - Children continue to improve their water confidence and develop their ability to move through the water confidently on their own. Children learn to swim 5m on their front and back and begin to perform key skills such as push and glides and floating without the use of aids.

Penguin 3 NTP Stage 2/3 - Children learn to swim widths of the pool consistently on their front and back. They continue to improve their sculling and gliding skills and begin to link key skills together. From here, children progress to swimming lengths of the small pool.

Otter 1 NTP Stage 3 - Children continue to improve their strokes beginning to swim lengths of the small pool in front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke. They develop their butterfly leg kick and aquatic skills such as sculling are developed further.

Otter 2 NTP Stage 4 - This is the final stage in our Learn to Swim programme. Children learn to consistently swim lengths of the pool demonstrating a good basic level of competence in front crawl with regular breathing, back crawl and breaststroke.

After completing all five NTP stages of our Learn-to-Swim programme, children then progress to our ‘Dolphin’ Stroke Development Session. There are 4 levels of ability and children swim widths of the main pool for ¾ of an hour. Children continue to develop their technique across all four swimming stokes and to improve their stamina in preparation for the move to a lengths session. Children also begin to learn to dive.

All our lessons are very popular and we have waiting lists for all classes. If you would like your child to starting swimming with us, we would advise putting their name on the waiting list as soon as possible so that hopefully there will be a place available when they reach the age of 5.
For further information about the Crusaders Learn to Swim programme please contact our Learn to Swim Co-ordinator, Alison Sedgwick, via email.
Learn-to-Swim Co-ordinator
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The Latest News From Learn to Swim

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