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…all the information you need to be a Crusaders swimmer.

  •    Club Kit
    Linslade crusaders offers you the opportunity to purchase club-branded kit as very reasonable prices. You can find out more from our Kit & Equipment page, and our kit officer Mark White will be pleased to take any enquiries. You can find an on-line reservation form on the Kit page that will allow you to reserve items that you wish to purchase.
  •    Code of Conduct

    Expectations of the Swimmer

    A swimmer should never interfere with the progress of another swimmer during practice or otherwise
    A swimmer should turn up for training sessions on time and with the necessary equipment to carry out that training session
    A swimmer should declare any illness or medical problem that could impede his or her training and the training of others and that could also bring further unnecessary illness to themselves or others
    At all Club functions, whether practice, meets or social gatherings, the Club expects all swimmers to behave in such a way that his or her actions reflect positively on the Club
    All members of the Club, parents and swimmers alike, should continue to protect and improve the Club’s excellent reputation
    Swimmers bags/equipment should not be left in cubicles whilst swimming or showering

    Duties of the Committee

    The committee may exercise disciplinary action in accordance with A.S.A. laws regarding complaints in so far as they do not conflict with the laws of the A.S.A.
    The committee shall have the power to exclude any member or members whose behaviour is deemed to be Objectionable
    Contrary to the objectives of the Club or in breach of the Code of Ethics or Conduct
    Contrary to the welfare of other members
    Such as to bring discredit to the Club

    The committee may feel it necessary to suspend an individual or individuals from the Club for a period of time until investigations into any alleged incident or misconduct can be carried out. Individuals will be notified of any such suspension by letter. Misdemeanours by any individual may result in the whole family being excluded from the Club.

    Any member disciplined under this ruling shall be granted a hearing of appeal at the next committee meeting before any decision is made or imposed on that individual.

    The committee may in some more serious situations call an emergency meeting to resolve any cases of misconduct.

    A record will be kept on Club files of any cases of misconduct that have resulted in a hearing having to be granted, or a meeting that has had to be held to resolve the incident. Copies of any letters sent to individuals over misconduct issues will also be kept on file.

    A separate copy of the above Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy is issued to all new members. Please sign and return that copy to signify agreement to the terms of the Policy.
  •    Equipment
    The equipment needed for Learn-toSwim sessions is provided by Crusaders, but for the training sessions (lane swimming for competitive development) there are some essential items of equipment that each swimmer must bring along (see below).

    The club colours are gold and black. All Crusaders swimmers must wear a hat and T shirt with Crusaders colours and logo poolside when representing the club. Crusaders hats are optional at training sessions and it may be advisable to reserve them for use at competitions to preserve their useful life.
    Equipment Officer
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    Drinks Bottle

    Filled with an appropriate drink. This should not be a fizzy drink. The BBC health and fitness dept recommends the following:

    • 200ml ordinary fruit squash
    • 800ml water
    • A pinch of salt

    Mix them all together in a jug and cool down in fridge.
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    Training Fins

    Training fins are a training aid that help to increase your propulsive power in the water. They can improve leg kick for stokes such as backstroke, freestyle and butterfly. They also aid leg strength.

    Please seek advice from the coaches.
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    A kick board is a training aid that allows development of leg strength and kick technique. The kick board is held with the hands through the handles or wrapped over the front edge, with the arms resting straight on top of the board. This balances the upper body whilst you work on your muscular endurance or kick technique.
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    A pull-buoy is a training aid that allows development of upper-body strength and arm-pull technique. The pull buoy is positioned and held between the legs - balancing the lower body whilst you work on your upper-body technique.
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    Hand Paddles

    Hand paddles (also finger paddles) are a training aid that can aid your hand position in all of the common swimming strokes.
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    The Swimming Teachers Association explains that

    “the advantage of wearing goggles during prolonged swimming activity is to reduce or prevent eye irritation, to improve vision in the water, and for medical reasons”.

    However there are also some disadvantages to using goggles (especially in very young children) and if not used correctly there can be some risk of injury.

    The STA recommendations are therefore:

    Parents/carers should:

    • only purchase goggles that meet British Standards
    • ensure that the goggles fit the child correctly
    • ensure the child has received adequate instruction, prior to participation, as to the fitting and adjustment of goggles
    • be aware that teachers will not be responsible for the fitting of goggles to the children.

    The correct way to put on goggles

    1. Place the goggles in your palms with the strap hanging down between the thumbs and the hands.
    2. gently cover the eyes with the goggles
    3. pass hands and strap over the head
    4. adjust the head-strap until comfortable

    to remove

    1. place thumbs under head-strap at the sides of the head
    2. slide thumbs to back of head and lift strap forwards and off from the back of the head.
    3. NEVER lift or pull the goggles from the front as they may slip and be pulled into the eyes causing injury.

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    To keep all of the above in!

    Recommended Suppliers

    The following suppliers have been recommended by our club-members:

    Allens of Kingsbury

    Mailsport (10% discount using code LINC570)



    Simply Swim



  •    Nutrition

    The ASA advises that carbohydrates and protein are very important as “body fuel” for athletes. Swimming early in the morning before having eaten will mean that your body has no reserves of available carbohydrate and your body will use your stored fat reserve for energy. This is fine if you are on a weight-loss programme, but not so good if you are a growing healthy child. For this reason it is a good idea to get into the habit of eating protein-rich foods with a fibrous carbohydrate component such as fresh vegetables or salad 2-3 hours before swimming. You should also “re-fuel” after swimming - again with protein and carbohydrates, a banana milkshake would be ideal!

    You can lean more about diet and nutrition for swimmers at

    If you are interested in the science behind the facts check out the research.

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  •    Medical Information
    It is very important that the club should be informed if any member has a medical problem such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy before they start to swim.
    In this way the lane coaches can be made aware of any potential problems and will be able to keep a special watch on the situation. If you are joining the club, please ensure that you complete the relevant section of the application form. If you are already enrolled as a swimmer please keep us up-to-date with any changes in your medical status.
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