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Hi, I am Adrian Smith, head coach at Linslade Crusaders. My philosophy is that everyone can be great at something; no one can be great at everything. Making the most of every opportunity can be the difference between being good, and being great.

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Why Swim ?
Swimming is a skill that can save you, and others. It improves fitness and health and can give you the confidence to try any sport from diving to windsurfing. For those who like to compete it opens up a whole new world of individual and team racing.

Swimming in a competitive environment instils discipline, develops social skills and buids confidence. These are invaluable assets that will help through life.
One Big Team
A swimmer can compete as an individual or they can compete for a team, but regardless they will need support. They need the support of the club, they need the support of parents, teachers and coaches. They need the support from fellow swimmers.
Crusaders have a great reputation as a family friendly club with a big emphasis on “team”.
When you train you need to train well, not just for yourself but for the team as your successes are celebrated by everyone.
Swimming fast
The best technique applied in the best way to suit the individual along with the physical ability to repeat this pattern over a race distance is what we train for.
Technique can be taught, but to become natural it must be practiced over and over again. No two swimmers are the same, so some differences in technique will be found from one swimmer to another.
With repeated training comes stamina and strength, increasing a swimmers speed in hand with developed technique
Swimming and School
Competitive swimming has made big steps forward in recent years due to sports science, funding and facilities, however there is no substitute for hours spent training. Depending on a swimmers aspirations, their training hours will increase with age and ability.
It is recognised that there is a drop-off in attendance at certain times - exam-time being one of them.
While it is expected that some sessions may be missed, effective time-management should enable swimmers to maintain a high-enough-level programme. Remember 2 weeks off could take 4 weeks or more to get back to the same level. Swimmers or parents should discuss attendance issues with me or session lead-coaches.

Top Tips for Swimmers

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